1. No swearing/Adult jokes (This is a family friendly server)
2. No copying/stealing of other builds
Respect staff and players alike (Please avoid     trolling!)
3. No Griefing or inappropriate builds
4. No Spamming
5. No Advertising

For a better explanation, please continue reading to the right.


As a family friendly creative community, we do have a set of rules that we must ask you to follow. It's a good idea for you to make sure you know these, as ignorance is never really an excuse.

We do have a fairly substantial community of younger players, so we have a child-friendly policy.
No swearing, or adult jokes.

We also ask tolerance of other players; no matter political views, Religion, Gender, Orientation or Home planet. Respect others, and you'll get respect in turn.

Listen to staff and other players, and consider their opinions – and as has been said already, respect goes both ways. (Don't swear at us, we don't like it much)

When asking for promotions, it pays to be polite! The staff can get very busy, and a polite reminder every now and then can go a lot further than spamming exclamation marks, or the same message several times over.
And on the subject of promotions, we judge by the merit of what we see on CreationBay. Builds on other servers or single player worlds don't count – and neither will asking for mod/OP! (When we're accepting new staff, you can use the appropriate formats on the forums to apply)

In Chat -
On Creationbay, we don't tolerate spamming – either of keyboard mashing, capitals, endless characters, or repeated messages – it will end in a mute, and eventually a ban.

Advertising of other servers is also not tolerated – for obvious reasons, really. You should avoid mentioning names, and posting links to websites of other servers in chat. More often than not, advertising also ends in a ban.

Trolling is really not advised – we can all understand having a sense of humour, but having fun at the expense of others is really not acceptable.

When Building -
Stealing the work of others, from this server, from other servers, or somewhere like PMC, is one of the things we see most often as builders. In no way is it accepted. If you wish to use a build as a reference, or to use tutorials, it is advised to give credit, but it must not be a direct copy. These must be used as references and guides only. But it is still best just to use your own creativity. You will not be promoted for use of another's build, even if credit is given. If you attempt to gain a promotion with a stolen build, you will be banned.

Griefing is the act of destroying or otherwise obstructing builds. While most of our builds are protected, it is still against the rules to grief.

Inappropriate builds include builds that are offensive to society (Such as culturally offensive symbols), and builds that are against the family friendly nature of the server. They will be deleted, and result in a ban.